Ideal in business places. The symbol is the

letter T. You are familiar with the T square which was carried by the engineering students of yester years. The letter T is for construction, growth, advancement and a bright career.
Hang it in your office right on the opposite wall at a height of seven feet. It ensures increased business and contacts. Here also the energy pad is inserted between two plastic sheets and the shape of T is engraved. The red color makes the symbol more rich in energy.
Another important area to use the symbol is in the study rooms of kids. It induces the aptitude to study hard and dream of becoming big. Remember only a dreamer can grow in life.
Price : Rs.2300.00 any where in India including postage.
SIZE : 8″ x 8” (Approx)
Thickness : About 8 mm
Weight : 300 Gms

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