Satabhisha Nakshatra – 6° 40′ to 20° 00′ Aquarius

The twenty-fourth nakshatra is called Shatabhisha and resides in a large group of faint stars in the constellation of Aquarius, the Water-Bearer. The Water-Bearer is depicted as the “physician of the gods,” pouring the sacred pot containing the divine nectar of immortality’ Shatabhisha literally means “the hundred physicians” or “hundred healers.” It bestows gifts in the healing arts by pouring forth the cosmic waters from the Aquarius pitcher to nourish humanity. Shatabhisha is also known as a “hundred stars,” which reflects the regal, royal quality of this lunar mansion. It is said to be the fortunate star of the king. Shatabhisha people can possess tremendous vital force and courage that will defeat their enemies and bring victory. The blossoming of inner potential and the full arousal of the life force of kundalini can be activated here.

The deity of this lunar mansion is Varuna, the god of rain and the cosmic waters. He is also the bestower of wisdom and the god of medicines. Varuna generates the power of healing (bheshqja shakti).1 Varuna is a powerful, mystical healer and is the lord of maya or illusion. He is said to possess magical healing abilities and establishes, protects, and maintains natural and moral law. The primary motivation here is dharma or right activity. Varuna also provides good judgment as well as punishment. He is a god of sin, debts, injury and disease who cannot only bring these calamities upon us, but can remove them from us, if we propitiate him with sincerity. He represents a vital connection between humanity and the gods. Shatabhisha counters difficult karmas through divine grace and repentance, Shatabhisha people are usually honest, hard-working, and ambitious. Shatabhisha also means “the hundred flowers,” which could indicate a knowledge of herbs and other flower remedies.

Called “the veiling star,” this nakshatra is somewhat secretive in nature and may want to keep certain aspects of self hidden from view. The symbol for Shatabhisha is a circle enclosing a space which reflects the need for containment, independence and solitude. Shatabhisha people are independent people who have a strong need for seclusion. They need space in their togetherness for any relationship to be effective. A deeply philosophical, mystical mind may be experienced here. The need for some type of meditative practice is essential for these individuals. Shatabhisha is connected with the opening of the crown chakra or the summit of creative energy through the awakening of the kundalini. Rahu is the ruling planet, representing the serpent energy and the extreme positive or negative life events that can occur upder the influence of this asterism. Shatabhisha usually brings about a healing crisis leading to revitalization.    .

The shadow side of Shatabhisha is loneliness and depression. Shatabhisha people can feel restrained or restricted and experience life as a duty. Apathy, suffering and a feeling of paralysis can result if the person allows himself to feel victimized. These people are bom in the dasa of Rahu, which can reflect a difficult or unstable childhood experience. Saturn also rules the sign of Aquarius in which this nakshatra is placed giving obstruction and obstacles in early life. This nakshatra is rakshasic or demonic in nature. Harsh speech and a brusque, intrusive nature can be observed here. It is stated that chronic illnesses contracted under the Moon in Shatabhisha may require “a hundred physicians” to heal them. The lunar mansion of Ashwini is considered an ideal place to rest and recuperate for the Shatabhisha individual.


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