Number 9 in indian Numerology

Number 9 in Numerology Your Psyche or Nature Number is 9 , if you are born on 9,18,27 dates of any month. Your Personality and Traits You are strong with the intense energy that seems to burst at seems. You are constantly active and does not rest until you reach your goal. You have a strong sense of purpose, order, discipline, courage and self-confidence. Charismatic and creative, you make excellent soldiers and fine leaders of cults, movements and religion. You like to deal with large problems rather than small. You … Continue reading


GUNANIDHI – THE BRAHMINS’ SON Narada asked lord Brahma, when did lord Shiva make Kailash as his abode and what was the reason of friendship between Shivaji and Kubera. Brahma narrated the following story- – There used to live a brahmin by the name Yagyadutt in  Kampilyanagar, who was proficient in the performance of Somyagya. He had a son named Gunanidhi. Though he was a scholar but at the same time he was irreligious and kept bad company. He used to indulge in evil activities like gambling. His father – … Continue reading


Just bury one each in one corner away from the corner of the building at a distance of 2 to 4 feet at a depth of one foot. Cover the rest of the pit with mud. Only four pyramids are needed irrespective of size for Independent bungalows, Town homes, single family homes, apartments, condos. In case of apartments the pyramid is buried in a plastic or mud pot and kept in the corners. Cost of Pyramid Each including postage any where in the world.$99.00 each Price : Rs.3000.00 any where … Continue reading


Your life health and fortunes are linked to your house ! Strange as it may appear this is absolutely true. The structure in which you live has an effect on your health, wellbeing, longevity, wealth, relationships -in short on all aspects of your life. This concept is not new. It was discovered by ancient Indians who carefully observed the effect of dwellings on the inhabitants. This science was named Vaastu and is believed to be about 5000 years old. The word ‘vaastu’ is derived from Sanskrit, the language of scholars … Continue reading


We all know that pyramids are natural sources of energy. The high power pyramids are solid pyramids developed by us can cover a large area with pyramid energy. It has indefinite life and is used to establish a protective energy field around the structure. FEATURES • Based on German research. • Works on the principle that quartz releases energy under mechanical stress • Solid construction • Composite made of QuOartz crystal matrixes • Binder made from precious stone powders • Binder contains electrically sensitive metal powders • Final bonding with … Continue reading


This is a very potent symbol representing the goat’s head – an ancient symbol for wealth. Here again the symbol is made potent by red color. The energy pack is inserted between two plastic plates with engraved symbol. Hang it right behind you in your office room at a height of seven feet. This is a wealth attracting symbol and highly recommended for a spurt in business. Price : Rs.2300.00 any where in India including postage. SIZE : 8″ x 8”(Approx) Thickness : About 8 mm Weight : 300 Gms


Ideal in business places. The symbol is the letter T. You are familiar with the T square which was carried by the engineering students of yester years. The letter T is for construction, growth, advancement and a bright career. Hang it in your office right on the opposite wall at a height of seven feet. It ensures increased business and contacts. Here also the energy pad is inserted between two plastic sheets and the shape of T is engraved. The red color makes the symbol more rich in energy. Another … Continue reading


This plate is especially suited for young couples looking for more vitality, martial happiness and children. Hang it towards your feet in the bed room. The symbol represents the male sperm and the female egg, an energy symbol of cosmic creation. Price : Rs.2300.00 any where in India including postage. SIZE : 8″ x 8” (Approx) Thickness:: About 8 mm Weight : 300 Gms


Place the symbol right opposite to your main door on the wall. Another best way to use is to hang it near the Northeast corner where you can easily see it. You will find a real difference in your energy levels and things start looking brighter in your life. PRICE : Rs.2300.00 any where in India including postage. SIZE : 8″ x 8*(Approx) Thickness : 8 mm (approx) Weight : 300 Gms