GUNANIDHI – THE BRAHMINS’ SON Narada asked lord Brahma, when did lord Shiva make Kailash as his abode and what was the reason of friendship between Shivaji and Kubera. Brahma narrated the following story- – There used to live a brahmin by the name Yagyadutt in  Kampilyanagar, who was proficient in the performance of Somyagya. He had a son named Gunanidhi. Though he was a scholar but at the same time he was irreligious and kept bad company. He used to indulge in evil activities like gambling. His father – … Continue reading


Place the symbol right opposite to your main door on the wall. Another best way to use is to hang it near the Northeast corner where you can easily see it. You will find a real difference in your energy levels and things start looking brighter in your life. PRICE : Rs.2300.00 any where in India including postage. SIZE : 8″ x 8*(Approx) Thickness : 8 mm (approx) Weight : 300 Gms


The Swastika symbol has been a subject of study for several years by the energy scientists. According to one estimate the Swastika is capable of releasing over a million Bovis units of energy where as the human potential is only 6500 Bovis. Hence it can be a great source of energy at home. It is commonly seen in front of the houses and temples. It is written more to fulfill an ancient tradition but it is important to remember that the symbol is one of the most energetic one given … Continue reading


1. Projected Southeast in a building towards East; Fire accidents .surgery 2. Pro ected Northwest in North; Financial loss/ divorce/litigation 3. Missing Northeast; No progress ,No progeny 4. Projected Southwest towards Wes; Premature death of husband 5. Projected South of Southwest; death of wife 6. Toilet in Northeast; never ending financial problems 7. Toilet in Southwest; financial drain. 8. Level of North high ; efforts fail. 9. Level of East high; education of kids suffer. That should be enough to start with. All you have to do is to study … Continue reading


Vaastu is a part of Yajurveda, the sacred text of Hindus and is believed to be around 4 to 5 thousand years old. There are thirty two books in Sanskrit language starting from Vishwakarama’s Vaastu Shastra. Mayamata is another great book which also is believed to be from Vedic times. In the modern times innumerable books have been published in various languages. However we need to look at it afresh in view of the total and summary changes that have taken place in the construction industry be it a home, … Continue reading


SIVA ENDS BRAHMA – VISHNU  DISPUTE AND SHABDA BRAHMA “I asked him as to who he was. Vishnu replied that he was the fulfiller of all of his desires. But I replied to him that I only was the creator, nurturer and the supreme soul of this world. Vishnu became angry and said that undoubtedly I (Brahma)  was the creator  of this world, but he (Vishnu) was the one, who had created me (Brahma) and the whole world. Vishnu also ordered me to take his refuge and promised to protect … Continue reading


SAGES ENQUIRE  Viddyeshwar Samhita which is classified into twenty five chapters, has a  narration in its first chapter which goes as follows-  Once upon a time, the sages were performing a yagya at Prayag kshetra. Sage Suta came to know about this and arrived there. All the sages were very pleased to see him. They requested:-  “Lord! Though we have heard many tales from you regarding the man’s benediction, but today we want to listen to something special. Because in this present era of Kali, when all the castes have … Continue reading

Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra – 26° 40′ Sagittarius to 10° 00’ Capricorn

The twenty-first nakshatra is Uttara Ashadha, consisting of two stars in the breast of the Archer. Uttara Ashadha has one pada in Sagittarius and three in Capricorn. Ruled by the Sun, its symbol is an elephant’s tusk, reflecting Ganesha’s blessing on our activities. Another symbol is the planks of a bed, which symbolize the securing of rest and peace. Called the “universal star,” this asterism reflects deep humanitarian concern and fairness to all races. Abraham Lincoln had his natal Moon in this nakshatra. Uttara Ashadha is ruled by the Universal … Continue reading

Purva Phalguni Nakshatra – 13° 20′ to 26° 30′ Leo ’

The eleventh lunar mansion resides entirely within the body of Leo the Lion. Called “the former reddish one,” it consists of two stars, Leonis and Zosma, found at the rear flank of the Lion. Purva Phalguni means the “fruit of the tree.” It is also known as Pubba. It is represented by a swinging hammock representing rest and recuperation. Its deity is Bhaga, the God of good fortune and prosperity. Bhaga protects marital happiness and bestows family inheritance. Lord Shiva started on his marriage procession under this star. The Shiva … Continue reading

Pushya Nakshatra – 3° 20′ to 16° 40′ Cancer

The eighth nakshatra, Pushya, resides entirely within the sign of Cancer, the Crab. It is seen as a triangle of three faint stars (north and south Aselli and star cluster M44). It is pictured in the sky as two donkeys or “little asses” feeding in the manger or “the crib” in which Jesus once lay. Pushya means “to nourish” or “providing nourishment.” This lunar mansion is symbolized by the udder of a cow. The sign of Cancer, ruled by the Moon, also represents the maternal aspect of providing milk and … Continue reading