Number 9 in indian Numerology

Number 9 in Numerology Your Psyche or Nature Number is 9 , if you are born on 9,18,27 dates of any month. Your Personality and Traits You are strong with the intense energy that seems to burst at seems. You are constantly active and does not rest until you reach your goal. You have a strong sense of purpose, order, discipline, courage and self-confidence. Charismatic and creative, you make excellent soldiers and fine leaders of cults, movements and religion. You like to deal with large problems rather than small. You … Continue reading

Purva Ashadha Nakshatra – 13” 20′ to 26° 40′ Sagittarius

The twentieth nakshatra, Purva Ashadha resides entirely within the constellation of Sagittarius and consists of two stars (Kaus Borealis and Kaus Australis) which form the archer’s how. The stars were thought to look like a fan or winnowing hasket which is used for ridding corn of its husks. The ruling planet is Venus, reflecting the popularity (the person’s name is fanned around a lot) of this asterism. Jupiter rules the sign of Sagittarius which is connected with the elephant headed God, Ganesha. Purva Ashadha means “the undefeated” or “unsubdued” and … Continue reading

Purva Phalguni Nakshatra – 13° 20′ to 26° 30′ Leo ’

The eleventh lunar mansion resides entirely within the body of Leo the Lion. Called “the former reddish one,” it consists of two stars, Leonis and Zosma, found at the rear flank of the Lion. Purva Phalguni means the “fruit of the tree.” It is also known as Pubba. It is represented by a swinging hammock representing rest and recuperation. Its deity is Bhaga, the God of good fortune and prosperity. Bhaga protects marital happiness and bestows family inheritance. Lord Shiva started on his marriage procession under this star. The Shiva … Continue reading

Ardra Nakshatra – 6° 40’to 20° 00’Gemini

The sixth nakshatra is named Ardra. It resides entirely within the sign of Gemini, the Twins. Ardra is the bright star Betelgeuse in the constellation of Orion. It is also associated with the fixed star Sirius. Ardra is symbolized by a human head, reflecting the emphasis on the mind or thinking capacity. Although its ruling planet is Rahu, Mercury’s rulership of Gemini is also prominent throughout this lunar mansion. Thus, a deep feeling nature combined with passionate thinking may be experienced in Ardra. The presiding deity is Rudra, the lord … Continue reading

Mrigashira Nakshatra – 23° 20′ Taurus to 6° 40′ Gemini

The fifth nakshatra, Mrigashira, is evenly divided within the constellations of Taurus and Gemini. It consists of three faint stars near the head of Orion. This lunar mansion is called “the searching star,” marking the “beginning of a search.” The ruling planet is Mars, reflecting the spiritual warrior searching for truth. The great Vedic astrologer from India Dr. B.V. Raman and his astrologer son Niranjan Babu both have their natal Moons placed in this auspicious asterism. Spiritual intelligence and research abilities are refined here. Mrigashira is considered devic or god-like … Continue reading

Rohini Nakshatra – J0“ 001 to 23° 20′ Taurus

The fourth nakshatra is named Rohini. It is placed entirely within the constellation of Taurus the Bull. The Moon is in its mulatrikona sign in Rohini and also rules this lunar mansion. Beauty, sensuality, charisma and charm can be reflected here. Its primary motivation, though, is moksha or spiritual liberation. According to Dr. B.V. Raman, Sri Krishna had both his Lagna (Ascendant) and natal Moon residing in Rohini.1 The ruling deity is Brahma, the creator of the universe. Thus, tremendous creativity and gifts in the fine arts can result with planets … Continue reading

Krittika Nakshatra – 26° 40′ Aries to 10° 00′ Taurus

The third nakshatra, Krittika, resides in the constellations of the Ram and the Bull. The first pada (3° 20’J is in Aries, with the remaining ten degrees in Taurus. The Sun is the ruling planet of this lunar mansion. Thus, in the first pada, a Sun/Mars dynamic is experienced due to the waning Aries influence. Leadership, authority, and power may result. President Bill Clinton’s natal Moon is placed here. The astronomical location of this lunar mansion is in the constellation of the Pleiades. The six brightest stars of the Pleiades … Continue reading

Bharani Nakshatra – 13° 20′ to 26° 40′ Aries

The second of the 27 nakshatras is named Bharani, which also resides entirely within the sign of Aries the Ram, ruled by Mars. The lunar mansion itself is ruled by Venus. Thus, a Mars/Venus interaction of energy is experienced by planets which inhabit or transit this asterism. The union of the feminine (Venus) and masculine (Mars) reflects the creative potential which is experienced here. Bharani is a conduit or channel for artistic gifts and talents. The symbol for this nakshatra is a yoni, the organ of female reproduction. A vessel … Continue reading

Ashwini Nakshatra – 0° to 13″ 20′ Aries

The first of the 27 lunar mansions is called Ashwini, which resides entirely with the sign of Aries the Ram, ruled by Mars. The nakshatra itself is ruled by Ketu. the South Node of the Moon. Thus, a Mars/Ketu mixture of energy is experienced by planets which inhabit it. Dynamism, tenacity, fierce activity and a thirst for life are reflected by this combination of forces. Activation of primordial energies with the awakening of consciousness is associated with this asterism. The symbol of this nakshatra is a horse’s head. It consists … Continue reading

Wulfenite properties Gemstone healing properties

Wulfenite properties Gemstone healing properties

Cell salt: Lead molybdate. Colour: Yellow, orange, brown and yellowish grey. Energy: Electric. Element: Air. Planet/sign: Venus-Neptune/Libra. Uses: Wulfenite stimulates blood circulation and carries light-energy throughout the body-earth. Owing to its high lead content, Wulfenite may be used during meditation to focus healing energy on specific body areas.