Your life health and fortunes are linked to your house ! Strange as it may appear this is absolutely true. The structure in which you live has an effect
on your health, wellbeing, longevity, wealth, relationships -in short on all aspects of your life.
This concept is not new. It was discovered by ancient Indians who carefully observed the effect of dwellings on the inhabitants. This science was named Vaastu and is believed to be about 5000 years old.
The word ‘vaastu’ is derived from Sanskrit, the language of scholars in ancient India and means ‘A structure built from materials on earth for housing’
But how?
As you are aware the earth spins on its axis which is North-South. Perpendicular it is East-West where we daily see the Sun rise and Sun set. These directions are called cardinal directions. The corner directions lie at an angle of 45 Degrees. Thus between North & East is Northeast, between South and West is Southwest and so on. Thus there are four cardinal and four corner directions.
Each direction is basically a force formed by a combination of gravity, wind movement, sun light and water flow above the ground and is termed ‘directional force’. Each directional force has a positive’ and ‘negative’ half and exists in absolute harmony with the two half’s having equal and opposite polarities.
On an open ground all the directional forces are at play and exist in harmony. That is the reason you feel invigorated when you are in natural environment like mountain tops, hill tops, cultivated land, forests etc.
A building comes in the way of flow of these natural forces. Depending upon the openings like windows and doors the strength of the directional forces becomes a variable with some becoming stronger and others weaker. Thus an imbalanced atmosphere gets created inside a building.
When you construct a building you have to keep an entry door compulsorily. At the best you may have one more door for accessing the back yard. In this scenario only two directional forces at best can enter the building and the remaining is shut off. Depending on the position of the doors the directional energy entering the building affects the field inside.
As stated earlier each directional force has both negative and positive parts. If the doors are so placed then the positive half of a directional force enters the building then you have a positive atmosphere in your house which means positive health, positive growth, positive relationships and prosperity. On the contrary if the house main door faces the negative part of any direction then a
negative atmosphere settles in the structure with all aspects of life becoming negative.
You can read more about this interesting subject by going to my site and by downloading the book. Now we shall see what happens when the house opens itself for a wrong directional force.
• Negative North; litigation, misunder­standings, lack of harmony, restless
• Negative South; Loss of health, Chronic Diseases, delayed recovery,
• Negative West Loss of money in business Negative East; Surgery / accidents
Similarly inside a building the intensity of each directional force gets affected depending on the placement of utilities.
This is especially important on the Northeast- Southwest line. Toilets, elevated /depressed levels and sloped roofs affect the field inside.
For example a toilet in the wrong corner of your bed room gives rise to Diseases as under;
• Southeast Bed Room with Northeast Toilet- Breast Cancer
• Southwest bed Room with Southwest Toilet – Heart Attack
• Northwest Bed Room with Northeast Toilet – Brain Cancer
• Northeast Bed Room with Northeast Toilet ; Blood Cancer
• Northwest Bed Room with Southwest Toilet; Nervous Diseases
In general a toilet in the Southwest corner of your bedroom results in chronic diseases related to heart, diabetes, kidney and stomach ailments .
Toilets in Northeast results in Cancer, spinal chord problems, Joint diseases etc. You can make a sample study yourself to verify the truths of these statements.
Similarly if you are sleeping in a room with roof sloping towards West or South you will be facing repeated health problems, un-refreshing sleep, insomnia, nightmares etc. Students in such rooms do not fare well in their studies. Business carried out in such places run into loss.
So also is the case if the level of Northeast corner is raised and/or if the Southwest corner is depressed.
In all these cases it is practically impossible to undo the structural mistakes. It is also not easy to change residences or business places..
The Hi Power Pyramid is developed using German technology to circumvent the problem. It is made of quartz crystals, special combination of gem powders, metal coils of different metals moulded in adhesive base to release a powerful energy radiation from the center. The pyramid is buried at a depth of 6 inches after making a small hole of 9 inch depth and 6×6 square. The alignment of the pyramid is extremely important. The face marke 1 ‘North’ should face North direction. A small compass to enable you to identify North Direction is also supplied with the parcel.
In case of apartments/condos the pyramid is buried in an earthen pot. You can place plastic flowers or plant to camouflage it and blend with the interiors of the room.
By installing four such pyramids in all the four corner of the house /premises the entire building comes under the influence of a protective pyramid energy field. All the defects of wrong levels and placements are completely negated. Your home will become a healthy happy home and your business a flourishing one.
The size of pyramid which is a solid one is only 4x4x3inches. and weighs about a pound. These are sent by airmail post to your address. A sketch
showing the installation details is also sent with the parcel.

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