TIGER’S EYE (SEE QUARTZ) TOPAZ Gemstone healing properties


Crystal system: Orthorhombic.

Cell salt: Aluminium fluorsilicate.

Colour: Colourless, pale, yellow-green, yellow to orange yellow, dark orange to red-orange; blue.

Energy: Electric.

Element: Air and fire.

Planet/Sign: Venus/Taurus; Mercury/Gemini; J upiter/Sagittarius.

Uses: Topaz has long been considered as a Sun stone and may be used to increase vitality, strengthen the immune system and generally bring about good health. Set in gold, Topaz will protect the wearer from harm.
If you happen to channel spirit entities, Yellow Topaz is the stone for you. Clear Blue Topaz crystal enhances introspection. The colourless varieties of the stone bring wisdom and illumination. Green and yellow stones foster innocence and creative imagination, while Orange and Red Topaz may empower the wearer with courage and conviction.
Topaz should be worn in a gold necklace or on the right index finger in a gold ring.

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