Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra – 3° 20′ to 16“ 40′ Pisces

The twenty-sixth lunar mansion is named Uttara Bhadrapada, which resides entirely in the constellation of Pisces, the fish. It consists of two stars, Pegasi and Andromedae, which form the remaining two legs of the bed combined with the stars of the previous nakshatra. Purva and Uttara Bhadrapada together form what is known in the West as the square of Pegasus which represents the bed or funeral cot. These two lunar mansions combined also depict the two-headed man discussed earlier in Purva Bhadrapada and which is symbolized by Agni, the fire god. Both of these asterisms are described as having a fiery disposition and form the “scorching or flaming pair.’1

Uttara Bhadrapada people usually demonstrate more restraint and control over their anger and are less aggressive than Purva Bhadrapada. The ruling planet is Saturn, which provides these individuals with more discipline and self-control over their emotions and behavior. They possess the ability to control their anger and endure pain. This asterism is called “the warrior star,” and its natives are powerful and able to care for and protect those close to them.

Uttara Bhadrapada means “the latter one with lucky feet” or “the beautiful left foot” The ‘feet, which are connected with the sign Pisces, also represent the love of travel to far away places. These individuals are usually cheerful people who are wealthy, generous and charitable. Because of the Saturn and Jupiter influence in this nakshatra, they are Brahminic in nature and exhibit a priest-like quality that reflects their emphasis on spiritual growth. The deity of this lunar mansion is Ahirbudhnya, “the serpent of the deep sea.” He is an auspicious serpent or naga that is associated with part of Lord Shiva’s army,

the celestial emissaries of vital power. This lunar mansion’s power is the bringing of the cosmic rain (varshodyamana shakti).1 Ahirbudhnya the serpent symbolizes the fertility, kundalini energy, and need for seclusion that is experienced in this nakshatra. There can be tremendous psychic ability and a snake-like quality that allows Uttara Bhadrapada people to explore all the nooks and crannies of life.

Women born under this star may exhibit the wonderful qualities of the Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity and luxury. The influence of Uttara Bhadrapada brings marital happiness, children, wealth, and good health. The animal symbol is a female cow, a sacred animal in India. Uttara Bhadrapada women are said to be the ^gem in any family.” As they evolve spiritually, natives of this asterism can become completely detached from all forms of earthly existence and show complete indifference to worldly matters.

The shadow side of Uttara Bhadrapada is similar to its twin, Purva Bhadrapada, Issues with anger, passion, and aggression can be seen, but to a lesser extent. Uttara Bhadrapada people can be very secretive, cunning, with a tendency toward gossip. If afflicted, a lazy, careless, and irresponsible nature may develop. Their primary motivation is kama or desire, which can cause some addiction problems with sex or drugs. They are warriors, and if angered, they can defeat and vanquish their enemies. Due to Saturn’s influence, delays in success can occur, so they must cultivate patience and thoroughness in their life projects. Ultimately, they may experience the death of maya through spiritual renunciation. They need much solitude and alone time to accomplish their spiritual as well as worldly goals

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